Why is grammar important for effective communication?
English Grammar

Why is grammar important for effective communication?

The Grammar Guide to Mastering Effective Communication

Today, communication is highly effective in our lives concerning personal and business where it has created a new face of the modern world. We need to apply the basic concepts of grammar in an email we are writing, at a meeting while giving or listening to a speech and daily conversations. It helps us to make sure that the message that we send is clear, on point and even understandable by our recipient. In this piece, we will see the role of grammar in ensuring efficient communication and how its flaws affect our sentiments when exchanging thoughts.

Language is a natural form of communication. Children learn to communicate in their own language quickly and learn the basic rules of rapid expression without having to learn. Of course, we are not able to communicate effectively without understanding the basic principles of grammar or grammar. If we think of the language as a highway, the word is cars and trucks, and the grammar is traffic signs and signs telling people who follow where to go and how to drive.

If there are no signs on the highway, it will be quickly confused. Without grammar, we will be able to create basic communication such as “I, Tarzan, you, Jane” but we cannot define more complex ideas into words. It follows that the expertise of the basic rules of grammar is a skill that must be acquired by learners of all languages, whether their mother tongue or foreigners.

In this case, as a general rule, one can communicate verbally, especially through conversations with minimal grammar, because verbal communication and especially conversations are two-way processes in which the recipient – the person he or she speaks – can request words. Explanation and rehearsal The speaker until the meaning of the message is clear However, even with verbal communication and even if bad rules often prevent two people to communicate effectively. But we need grammatical concepts because they are confident that the speaker and listener use the same code;

With written language, grammar is important The written text is postponed or indirectly is one way. The recipient therefore has no opportunity to request a review – at least in normal circumstances. Written communication and other forms of indirect communication therefore depend on the correct use of grammar or grammar, as well as vocabulary and spelling, so that the text is immediately understood to the reader and not without Meaning and ambiguity

There are social and professional reasons to use good grammar for any job that involves writing or communicating with colleagues, customers or suppliers – which means that most jobs except the most boring and basic jobs – employers. have more Also pay close attention to how the candidates write and they speak. People who can’t speak consistently or those who can’t write grammar are more likely to notice it during the interview.

Grammar, spelling and words in code

Rules of grammar, spelling and vocabulary, even for pronunciation and codes. Like any code for effective communication, authors and readers, speakers and listeners must work with the same code. When editors use codes and readers try to use other codes to understand what is written, readers may not understand and the practice of communication will fail or fail to some extent.

This happens all the time when readers try to understand text in a language they don’t speak. While they do not use the same code fully, the most incomplete, the worst, obscure or impossible communication. Although there are cases where there is little logic, the reader or listener can make accurate predictions and think correctly about what the speaker or author is trying to say. But this is not always the case

The worst air disaster of all time was due to a misinterpretation of the language code: On March 27, 1977, two Boeing 747s crashed in fog on the runway of the Los Rodeo Airport. In Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Five hundred and eighty-three people died The investigation found that the main cause of the disaster was a confused message between the control tower and the captain of two Boeing. English is used as the language of communication between the pilot and the control tower. But it is not the native language of any resident of the control tower or pilot – and the connection between all three parties is Catastrophe wrong

This is a harsh example. But it shows how important it is that the message sender and the receiver use the same code
Of course, changing the language code The standard English pronunciation of England in 2016 is different from the standard pronunciation of 1942. Churchill’s excellent speech during the war was perfectly understood for today’s audience. Words that we make today Shakespeare is a big problem.

Shakespeare’s plays are full of words that are no longer used today and there are many messages to follow for those who do not know them any more. Today, text messaging has brought a new set of vocabulary and acronyms that are completely incomprehensible to those who are uninitiated. Some will be part of the standard English tomorrow, some will not. That is how the language code evolves.

At all times and for any group or country, there is a normative language code that makes communication not only possible but also simple and unambiguous. For verbal communication, important parameters are vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. For written communication, it is vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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