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Why is it important to learn a second language?

The language affects the daily lives of representatives of race, religion, and region of the world. Words help us express feelings, desires, and questions to the world around us. Words, gestures, and tones are used in the union to express different emotions. The overwhelming use of our innate abilities to create continuous communication with each other is a unique and diverse method of writing. People from the rest of the animal world

offline pronunciation appThe importance of communication is often overlooked. Despite the quality of communication, misunderstandings and incorrect translations are normal. It is the arrogance that people think they are traveling around the world and everyone can understand their language. Traveling around the world, whether for business or pleasure, requires the motivation to adapt to new cultures and methods, which includes the ability to communicate with new people from different dialects such as Identical to adaptation The inability to communicate in the country is a life with severe disabilities. If they can not communicate with each other, it is almost impossible to adapt to new people and work with them.

Learn Chinese: Besides, the ability to communicate in many languages ​​is becoming increasingly important in a more integrated global business community. Direct communication with new customers or businesses in your language is the first step in establishing strong and stable international business relationships. If you can, you can automatically determine the number of kilometers of multilingual speakers for your work or the prestige of a major competitor in front of your colleagues. Language is an important aspect of parenthood for future professional success throughout the country, and in most Western schools, high schools must use at least two years of the foreign language. Most organizations offer opportunities to learn foreign languages ​​before. In recent years, psychologists like Agnes Kovacs have studied bilingual minds and mental abilities over children of the same language. According to the author of Yudhijit Bhattacharji’s New York Times article, “Why does the Twi become smart?” The author says: You must have a spirit. Besides, when parents respect a foreign language, they let their children find themselves miles away from their future competitors.

The influence of several languages ​​can have repercussions in other areas: a doctor who can contact the patient in his or her mother tongue can make a diagnosis. Although his colleagues do not understand this in his mother tongue, scientists or engineers can explain their discoveries and ideas to work quickly and seamlessly. In any company in the world, any project manager tells you that speaking a foreign language is a precious thing. Fluent learning in multiple languages ​​improves security and employment opportunities in this uncertain economic era.

Promote multilingual education to prepare our country’s children for entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, engineers, or the next generation of influencers of their choice. It was necessary to develop the culture from an early age. Thanks to that, I grew up, children and children, for growth, success, stability, and ultimately for prosperity.

offline pronunciation appTherefore, you must create a warm and comfortable environment in which children can grow and learn the complexity of language. Communication skills learned early on by your child will become the foundation of future communication skills. Good language skills are assets that promote effective communication.

I have been interested in languages: over the last two decades, I have traveled more than 125 countries and published our Beautiful World series about cultures from around the world. Our words are the most important part of us. I think learning other languages ​​and other methods of communication are important. Because it is useful to get to know people and other cultures, but because the most important part is one of the most fundamental parts of our personality, we can study our local language. For example, if we lose our language, we will lose our share if we can grow up in a country that is not our country, a country that is not our country of origin.

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