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9 words you pronounce wrong that made others think You’re an idiot.

From the point of view of the correct pronunciation of the pronunciation of “Library”, “February”, “Arctic”, we will not spend time in class in elementary school. But when talking about the library for the first time, “g” is very likely that your friends and colleagues laugh.
I will not bore you with a narration that says that some words you use are not words. If you use words like “snuck”, “brang” or “perfect” (none of those words are real words), you can’t solve your problem.
I do this to provide basic assistance in the form of pronunciation of common words that appear in your daily life correctly. These tips will not block transactions, interviews, or active days. (Especially “date” situations), but if incorrect information may cause damage to your booking, the problem will be resolved shortly.
So, in order to be good enough in your language, internet users look at the 10 keywords you need to learn.


  • Incorrect: nuke – you – lerr
  • Correct: new – clee – err

Like most of the words “nuclear” is written the same way as is pronounced.


  • Incorrect: ath – a – leet
  • Correct: ath – leet

This is especially useful at the Summer Olympics. But is a very useful lesson for sports seasons This applies to “athletes” and their derivatives (bottles, triathlon, stickers, etc.) Honestly, it’s sad to report this. There is no vowel sound between “h” and “l” in these words. This never happened. Like a dream to die

3.Espresso/Escape/et cetera

  • Incorrect: ex – presso/ ex – cape / ex – set – err – uh
  • Correct: ess – presso/ ess – cape / ett – set – err – uh

Yes, it is a 3 to 1 contract, but because it is quite ordinary and can be changed very easily. For some reason, we were replaced by “s” with “x”. If we follow the “e” in English, please call me using Exxon’s training methods. These words are clear, respectful that
In addition, if you specialize in expressions “espresso” and “etc.” perfectly, children in fairy tales really respect you. Do you need special motivation?


  • Incorrect: sherr – berrt
  • Correct: sherr – bet

This is ultimately one of the words that the Crusaders had to put aside for justice, starting with the spread of ignorance, so that the dictionary could now be listed as capable of accepting a wrong pronunciation. However, Sherbet has only one “r”. No matter how beautiful the taste of the rainbow, there is only one “r” .


  • Incorrect: can – uh – dett
  • Correct: can – da – dett

In this study, at least help you word of scientists sounds inside the first element level discussions with violent political manifestation. I can not explain it more than once an easy second-year teacher said, “You still want a good candidate for candy, it’s cute and simple.”


  • Incorrect: up – most
  • Correct: utt – most

With a wonderful twist, because they also mean the Word in the language of one’s own people, the definition of real change, and reflection on the subject. Thus, the “everything” is synonymous with “maximum” (“top” a kind of Mount Olympus and the most vertical hierarchy of the word)

7.Prerogative / Prescription

  • Incorrect: purr – ogg – uh – tiv / purr – scrip – shun
  • Correct: pre – rogg – uh – tiv / pre – scrip – shun


  • Incorrect: off – ten
  • Correct: off – en


  • Incorrect: aww – ree
  • Correct: uh – rye

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